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Publication : GBF1 (Gartenzwerg)-dependent secretion is required for Drosophila tubulogenesis.

First Author  Wang Shuoshuo Year  2012
Journal  J. Cell. Sci. Volume  125
Pages  461-72 PubMed ID  22302994
Abstract Text  Here we report on the generation and in vivo analysis of a series of loss-of-function mutants for the Drosophila ArfGEF, Gartenzwerg. The Drosophila gene gartenzwerg (garz) encodes the orthologue of mammalian GBF1. garz is expressed ubiquitously in embryos with substantially higher abundance in cells forming diverse tubular structures such as salivary glands, trachea, proventriculus or hindgut. In the absence of functional Garz protein, the integrity of the Golgi complex is impaired. As a result, both vesicle transport of cargo proteins and directed apical membrane delivery are severely disrupted. Dysfunction of the Arf1-COPI machinery caused by a loss of Garz leads to perturbations in establishing a polarized epithelial architecture of tubular organs. Furthermore, insufficient apical transport of proteins and other membrane components causes incomplete luminal diameter expansion and deficiencies in extracellular matrix assembly. The fact that homologues of Garz are present in every annotated metazoan genome indicates that secretion processes mediated by the GBF-type ArfGEFs play a universal role in animal development. Doi  10.1242/jcs.092551
Issue  Pt 2 Month  Jan

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