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Publication : Nonradioactive, solid-phase DNase I footprints analyzed on an A.L.F. DNA Sequencer.

First Author  Sandaltzopoulos R Year  1994
Journal  BioTechniques Volume  17
Pages  474, 476, 478 PubMed ID  7818899
Abstract Text  Solid-phase DNase I footprinting provides a powerful tool for analyzing the sequence-specific interactions of DNA binding proteins. Classically this type of assay requires radioactively labeled DNA molecules. Substitution of the isotope by fluorescein labeling of the DNA fragments enables the analysis of footprint patterns on a standard automated laser fluorescent (A.L.F.) DNA Sequencer. The combination of solid-phase footprinting technology and fluorescence-based nonradioactive detection of fragments has unique advantages over established footprinting technologies. Issue  3
Month  Sep

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