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Publication : phyllopod functions in the fate determination of a subset of photoreceptors in Drosophila.

First Author  Chang H C Year  1995
Journal  Cell Volume  80
Pages  463-72 PubMed ID  7888014
Abstract Text  phyllopod (phyl) encodes a novel protein required for fate determination of photoreceptors R1, R6, and R7, the last three photoreceptors to be recruited into the ommatidia of the developing Drosophila eye. Genetic data suggests that phyl acts downstream of Ras1, raf, and yan to promote neuronal differentiation in this subset of photoreceptors. Ectopic expression of phyl in the cone cell precursors mimics the effect of ectopic activation of Ras1, suggesting that phyl expression is regulated by Ras1. phyl is also required for embryonic nervous system and sensory bristle development. Issue  3
Month  Feb

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