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Publication : K+ channel expression in primary cell cultures mediated by vaccinia virus.

First Author  Karschin A Year  1991
Journal  FEBS Lett. Volume  278
Pages  229-33 PubMed ID  1899389
Abstract Text  A recombinant vaccinia virus (VV) was used to express functional Drosophila Shaker H4 K+ channels in primary cell cultures from rat heart (atrial and ventricular myocytes, fibroblasts), autonomic ganglia (SCG neurons) and CNS (hippocampal neurons, cerebral astroglia). In most cells the expressed currents possessed the typical characteristics of the native Drosophila muscle A currents; a few cells showed evidence of hetero-oligomers with new properties. The maximum current density corresponded to a channel density of 2-3/microns 2. Voltage recordings in heart cells showed altered action potential waveforms after successful infection. VV vectors thus are useful for studying altered excitability and cell-specific processing of ion channel proteins. Issue  2
Month  Jan

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