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Publication : Drosophila melanogaster.

First Author  Shukla Jay Prakash Year  2017
Journal  Development Volume  144
Pages  905-915 PubMed ID  28174239
Abstract Text  DrosophilaA2BP1 in the proneural cluster increases adult sensory bristle number, whereas its overexpression results in loss of bristles. We show that A2BP1 regulates sensory organ specification by potentiating Notch signaling. Supporting its direct involvement, biochemical analysis shows that A2BP1 is part of the Suppressor of Hairless [Su(H)] complex in the presence and absence of Notch. However, in the absence of Notch signaling, the A2BP1 interacting fraction of Su(H) does not associate with the repressor proteins Groucho and CtBP. We propose a model explaining the requirement of A2BP1 as a positive regulator of context-specific Notch activity. Doi  10.1242/dev.140657
Issue  5 Month  03

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