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Publication : Key features of heat shock regulatory elements.

First Author  Amin J Year  1988
Journal  Mol. Cell. Biol. Volume  8
Pages  3761-9 PubMed ID  3146692
Abstract Text  The promoters of heat shock protein genes are among the best-studied inducible eucaryotic promoters. Regions responsible for heat regulation have been identified previously by deletion experiments with several different heat shock genes. In this paper the critical importance of two novel features of heat shock regulatory elements was investigated. First, the elements were modular and, as a consequence, displayed a characteristic 5-nucleotide periodicity produced by multiple GAA blocks that were arranged in alternating orientations and at 2-nucleotide intervals. Functional heat shock regulatory elements appeared to include three or more of these blocks. Second, the nucleotides at the two positions immediately upstream from GAA segments played an important role in defining the competence of regulatory elements. Issue  9
Month  Sep

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