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Publication : A novel histone fold domain-containing protein that replaces TAF6 in Drosophila SAGA is required for SAGA-dependent gene expression.

First Author  Weake Vikki M Year  2009
Journal  Genes Dev. Volume  23
Pages  2818-23 PubMed ID  20008933
Abstract Text  The histone acetyltransferase complex SAGA is well characterized as a coactivator complex in yeast. In this study of Drosophila SAGA (dSAGA), we describe three novel components that include an ortholog of Spt20, a potential ortholog of Sgf73/ATXN7, and a novel histone fold protein, SAF6 (SAGA factor-like TAF6). SAF6, which binds directly to TAF9, functions analogously in dSAGA to TAF6/TAF6L in the yeast and human SAGA complexes, respectively. Moreover, TAF6 in flies is restricted to TFIID. Mutations in saf6 disrupt SAGA-regulated gene expression without disrupting acetylated or ubiquitinated histone levels. Thus, SAF6 is essential for SAGA coactivator function independent of the enzymatic activities of the complex. Doi  10.1101/gad.1846409
Issue  24 Month  Dec

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