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Publication : Genetic interactions of the suppressor 2 of zeste region genes.

First Author  Adler P N Year  1989
Journal  Dev. Genet. Volume  10
Pages  249-60 PubMed ID  2500288
Abstract Text  A wide variety of gain of function mutations have been induced in the Posterior Sex Comb (Psc)--Aristapedioid (Arp)--Suppressor 2 of zeste (Su(z)2) region of the second chromosome of Drosophila. This region contains at least three apparently related genes, two of which we have been studying. Psc1 has previously been used to identify Psc as a Pc group gene; however, it is a complex mutation with both gain and loss of function character. We report here that the Pc group character of Psc is not due to a gain of function and presumably reflects the function of the wild-type gene. We also provide evidence for a maternal function for Psc, as well as the neighboring Su(z)2 gene. Su(z)2 does not appear to be a Pc group gene as it does not act in a synergistic fashion with other Pc group genes in promoting posteriorly directed transformations. However, we have found that mutations in Su(z)2 do interact in a variety of interesting ways with mutations in Pc group genes. Doi  10.1002/dvg.1020100314
Issue  3

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