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Publication : Structure and sequence of the Drosophila zeste gene.

First Author  Pirrotta V Year  1987
Journal  EMBO J. Volume  6
Pages  791-9 PubMed ID  3582372
Abstract Text  The zeste gene of Drosophila affects the expression of other genes in a manner that depends on the homologous pairing of the chromosomes bearing the target gene. Zeste mediates transvection effects, the ability of one gene to control the expression of its homologous copy on another chromosome. We have determined the structure of the zeste gene and several mutants bearing partial deletions and the sequence of the z+, z1, zop6 and z11G3 alleles. The predicted zeste protein has an unusual structure including runs of Gln, Ala and alternating Gln Ala. Contrary to expectations the z1, zop6 and z11G3 mutations can each be attributed to single amino acid changes. The analysis of the mutants suggests that the zeste gene product is required for normal expression of at least some genes and we argue that za mutants may have residual function. Issue  3
Month  Mar

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