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Publication : The role of Dpp and its inhibitors during eggshell patterning in Drosophila.

First Author  Shravage Bhupendra V Year  2007
Journal  Development Volume  134
Pages  2261-71 PubMed ID  17507396
Abstract Text  The Drosophila eggshell is patterned by the combined action of the epidermal growth factor [EGF; Gurken (Grk)] and transforming growth factor beta [TGF-beta; Decapentaplegic (Dpp)]signaling cascades. Although Grk signaling alone can induce asymmetric gene expression within the follicular epithelium, here we show that the ability of Grk to induce dorsoventral polarity within the eggshell strictly depends on Dpp. Dpp, however, specifies at least one anterior region of the eggshell in the absence of Grk. Dpp forms an anteriorposterior morphogen gradient within the follicular epithelium and synergizes with the dorsoventral gradient of Grk signaling. High levels of Grk and Dpp signaling induce the operculum, whereas lower levels of both pathways induce the dorsal appendages. We provide evidence that the crosstalk between both pathways occurs at least at two levels. First, Dpp appears to directly enhance the levels of EGF pathway activity within the follicular epithelium. Second, Dpp and EGF signaling collaborate in controlling the expression of Dpp inhibitors. One of these inhibitors is Drosophila sno (dSno), a homolog of the Ski/Sno family of vertebrate proto-oncogenes, which synergizes with daughters against dpp and brinker to set the posterior and lateral limits of the region, giving rise to dorsal follicle cells. Doi  10.1242/dev.02856
Issue  12 Month  Jun

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