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version 5.2 (July 2005)

COMe is an attempt to classify metalloproteins and some other complex proteins using the concept of bioinorganic motif.
A bioinorganic motif (BIM) may be defined as a common structural feature of a class of functionally related, but not necessarily homologous, proteins, that includes the metal atom(s) and first coordination shell ligands.

COMe is also...
Classification Of Metalloproteins COfactors and Metals COMplex proteins, etc.
Co-Ordination of Metals English word come (cf. GO) Italian word come (how)

Read the paper "COMe: the ontology of bioinorganic proteins" (BMC Structural Biology 4:3, 2004)

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COMe version 5.2 contains 524 BIM, 179 MOL and 1378 PRX (2081 entries)
Kirill Degtyarenko and Sergio Contrino

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